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Spring 2016
   "Never a dull moment" is perfect for our family and life here in Papua. There is always something on the horizon coming or something we are involved in. At this very moment, Chase is heading up a brand new Bible story building cluster project. The same workshops and language project that saw the 50 Yetfa Bible stories created is reduplicating with 6 more languages, and the first workshop was Monday. It's an exciting time! Chase is one of the coordinators and he is BUSY right now, first making sure everything came together for Monday and then leading for the next 3 weeks. Please pray for this. The enemy is pulling out crazy tricks to discourage the staff and teams involved. He knows something BIG is coming and he doesn't like it. YES!!!
    We have been on go-go-go mode for...well...ever, but this last year has really ramped up significantly. We are seeing leaps and bounds in progress, but things like this blog get pushed aside to fill the needs of ministry and our family. I have A LOT to cover! I will have to give the highlights, so...buckle up and hold on!

    In September, God sent an amazing team from Holland Chapel in Benton, Arkansas and our associate pastor and friend, Jonathon from Sublett Road to build a playground in Bias. It was a bit hard for the Yetfa people to imagine what we were talking about, but they faithfully helped and carried in wood from the jungle. As the team arrived and the playground took shape, the excitement grew! Adults were actually the first ones to try it out!!


Although their task and purpose was a playground, they did much more. They encouraged us and the Yetfa people, listened to our stories, played with our boys, and shared village life with us. We shared a few tears and many laughs. It was a great visit!
And as the team was leaving, Nena arrived! Another great visit with lots of, "Hey Nena! Look!", "Nena, watch this!" We were a little bummed because we couldn't take her to Bias. She only saw the house when it was still just a frame. We wanted her to see it completed, but Corin came down with hand-foot-and-mouth disease and was pretty much quarantined. But we got to go to the beach and the lake and the capital city. We just traded one sort of fun for another. :-) 


October brought more fun and some milestones.

We did a group story crafting of a passage in Isaiah.

I went with our friend, Rachel, to "her" village again to talk with the church there about joining the new One Story project coming up. Sion and Jeri went along to share how much the project has impacted the Yetfa people. It was a good, productive visit.

One very exciting thing that happened in October was the start of a Yetfa radio spot! Yetfa Bible stories are now being played twice a week on the local radio station! They gave us prime time slots--7:30 am Tuesdays and 7:15 pm Fridays. The radio station can still be tuned in about 50 miles into the jungle. A church leader in a village about 40 miles from Bias heard a Yetfa story on the radio one day and was completely amazed. He is Yetfa, but has lived in that village many years. He knew nothing about the translation project and was so intrigued at how this came about, he took a truck to town. A whole day and 2.5 juta (about $185) later, he reached town (Sentani) and began to search for information on how Yetfa stories are being played on the radio. He talked with Sion and Jeri and was so excited to hear that God's word is being translated into Yetfa! He also found out the specific times to tune in so he and other Yetfa speakers in the village could hear more...and then he returned home. All that way and money just to hear about the translation project. What an encouragement!

Billboard says: Listen to God's word in Yetfa on radio--Papua's Voice of Love. The Yetfa people are SO proud of this billboard because they are the ONLY people group in the area to have a big SIGN!

Uriah entered double digits! He's 10 now. Where has the time gone?!
Jedi (Master Poll), a sith lord, Darth Vader, Yoda, Princess Leia, R2D2, a bigger Darth Vader and Queen Amidala, and a little clone trooper

In November, I took 7 ladies out to Bias for a week-end retreat and clinic. We had 5 nationalities under one roof! American, Canadian, Australian, Korean, and Brazilian, and boy was it fun! We had many laughs and many talks and helped almost the whole village during the Saturday clinic. Among us were two nurses and a nurse midwife, and they were able to treat wounds, skin infections, check for malaria, treat fevers and colds, give ob checks and pregnant mamas got their first ever ultrasound with a handheld sonogram machine! Quite a productive morning! Afterward, we hiked around the village and cooled off in the river. Sunday, the Lord's timing was incredible. I've been working through our Bible story set each time I teach Sunday School. I started at creation several months back and that Sunday, it was time for the tower of Babel...and we had 5 nationalities among us! Perfect! We did a little drama with the boys' blocks and when God confused the languages, we all started speaking a different language. So much fun! It was probably the most *fun* worship service I've been in. Lots of laughs!
As I said, the Lord's timing was perfect. Sunday night, a man brought his sick wife to the house. She was having severe pain in her side and classic symptoms of an appendicitis. I'm so thankful the nurses were there! One "just happened" at the last minute to pack the exact medicine needed to buy us more time until we could get her on a flight the next day. They gave her IV meds that night and early the next morning, and she spent the next week in the hospital. Amazing to watch God work!

That was just 3 months! Now you can see why I haven't had a lot of time to get an update out. Whew! Busy, busy, but a good, productive, BLESSED busy. I will continue working on updates, so maybe the next one won't be TOO long from now. We'll see...