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March 2016
   "Never a dull moment" is perfect for our family and life here in Papua. There is always something on the horizon coming or something we are involved in. At this very moment, Chase is away in an interior village with the high schoolers from the international school where Nathan and Uriah attend. Every year, they go on a 2-week educational mission trip to a field site here on the island. Chase is serving as their speaker every morning and night. The boys and I are holding down the fort in town, but we are ready for Daddy to be home Friday!
    We have been on go-go-go mode for...well...ever, but this last year has really ramped up significantly. We are seeing leaps and bounds in progress, but things like this blog get pushed aside to fill the needs of ministry and our family. I have A LOT to cover! I will have to give the highlights, so...buckle up and hold on!

    In September, God sent an amazing team from Holland Chapel in Benton, Arkansas and our associate pastor and friend, Jonathon from Sublett Road to build a playground in Bias. It was a bit hard for the Yetfa people to imagine what we were talking about, but they faithfully helped and carried in wood from the jungle. As the team arrived and the playground took shape, the excitement grew! Adults were actually the first ones to try it out!!

Although their task and purpose was a playground, they did much more. They encouraged us and the Yetfa people, listened to our stories, played with our boys, and shared village life with us. We shared a few tears and many laughs. It was a great visit!

                                         Our view of our pilots :-)                                                                                                                                        Our little frequent flyers

                                    Our friend, Rachel                                                                   School time at the table...                    ...while Daddy made each one of them a desk in the classroom.

                                                               Coloring and bubbles                                                                                                 I made the boys new pajama pants for Bias.                    Sunday school

Chase worked really hard in the days before we arrived to fix up the house. Equatorial sun and jungle rains and wind had done a number on our plastic screens. He replaced the upper level of screening and several window screens. He installed a couple new solar panels to replace the big one we lost. And after we arrived, he continued working on this and that, including the boys' inside swing, the fridge, our swinging bed (it rocks...heehee!), a couple awnings, and little Nancy's burnt foot. :-( He's a busy guy!

Another walk on the bridge to show Rachel, and our friends were heading upriver below us.

Enjoyed another beautiful jungle rainbow and butterfly                                                                      And time to head back to Sentani
May was super busy. We moved into our "new" house in town the last week of April, and while we were moving and unpacking and resettling, the house needed quite a few repairs and upgrades (more than first realized). AND while we were doing that, I was subbing in Nathan's kindergarten class all month! AND while I was subbing, I was sick with a light case of malaria and was treated for a stomach ulcer. May was quite the roller coaster month for us! But we did have some highlights...

Nathan turned 6!      

Subbing and helping Nathan and his class learn to read was fun.

We attended a neighbor's birthday party, which was quite the cultural experience. A BIG party is given for the 8th birthday. Over 50 kids, karaoke machine, live guitar and drums, a dance-off, a screaming contest, a laughing contest, a Bible story, a treat bag AND a supper package for the kids and a worship service with full meal and karaoke afterwards for family and close friends (til late in the night). Whew!We also had some fun days on the boat toodling around lake Sentani with friends.
Chase turned the big 4-0 and we celebrated our 16th anniversary.Sion and Jeri helped us convert the garage into a guest room and translation office...and had a ton of laughs doing it! They picked the colors and got it painted just in time...

        ...for my parents and nephew to arrive!      

We went to Bias for a few days.  Mama rode shotgun!   Kevin jumped right in with the kids.
 Nana and PaPaw on a hike.
    Just hangin' around.            Bias folks love visitors! Chase is introducing Mom,Dad, and Kevin to the church.
             Back to Sentani.       
Some fun on the lake!                          
            We really did get her on the tube!!!             And PaPaw, too!                                                                                                                                             And a trip to the beach.
We're so glad they came to visit!!

In July, we took a quick trip out to Bias. We usually stay out there most of the summer, but a government event called all the village heads and a large group out to town. There weren't many left in Bias! We stayed a week and returned to Sentani where the team could continue working on the stories. I took quite a few pictures like I always do, but my SD card in my phone died, so I only have a few photos to share.
 Yop si! We treat A LOT of leg wounds.                           Cuties!                                                                                    Afternoon play time.                                        In the traditional village hut

Although we had a short time in Bias, we had a productive crafting session in town since several folks were in town on business. A small group came to the house for 6 days and crafted the story of Moses. It's so awesome to watch and hear them work out how they will say it in Yetfa. They discuss the concepts and ideas together, and then work together (all talking at once!) to craft the story. They each take turns recording the story--with prompts from the group--until they have a version that is spot on. Then they celebrate with cheers, claps and lunch!
                                                                                                           This is a FUN group!                                                      Jeri prepared to test the finished product. Each object represents a word or phrase.

Soooo much has happened lately, we've been too busy to post updates! This is part 1. Hopefully part 2 will be added SOON!